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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Went to YOGA fundamentals today. A class that was supposed to teach us beginners the "moves" so we can go to a class without feeling totally lost. It started out pretty good. A little slow maybe. I found myself thinking about what to serve Robert and Helen for dinner on Saturday when they are coming over......Anyway, it picked up and we did work a little harder but towards the end I got kind of annoyed. There was 2 people that are very experienced and not really in need of YOGA fundamentals. They asked some questions and suddenly the class was all about them and not me (yoking) This could turn in to a ranting thing but I won't let it, instead I will look forward to next week and I am sure the class will be great then! Other than that what has happened? The weather is awesome, a little grey but very mild. It is almost middle of November and still not freezing I LOVE IT! We had a big radiator in the hallway taken away today. It will be good when it is done. The rad had been there since the house was built so the wall behind the rad is in a terrible state. Have to figure out what to do with that.

Ginetta and I are planning a biscotti making day in December. We will be 10 people and we are making 6 different biscotti recipes. I am looking forward to it. Ginetta is making really cute invitations and is handing them out in the next couple of days!
I have rev up my blog a bit, I think. I don't feel inspired at all right now. Some days I am full of things to vent but today I fell totally deflated, sorry!
Will do better!

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