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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Nice visit from old friends..

Today is the 28th day of December- 2013 is almost over. Can't believe it! 2014 is just around the corner and I will turn 50! I think 2014 will mean lots of changes in my life. Nothing will be like it has been. Well, a few things will stay the same of course but lots of the fluff around the real core of the life of me will change. Hopefully for the better. Today S and K came for a visit here in Collingwood. Really nice to see them and they are fun and social so all good. I miss friends like them in my immediate life. I spent 2 hours in the cross country woods of Duntroon today again. I was there yesterday as well. So relaxing even though I work hard. It is relaxing for your mind and great exercise for the body. Have to go, I don't feel the flow to write something worth writing tonight- sorry!
If I had only known....but actually, I think i did!

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Big News on Christmas Day

It's coming to a close.... Dear Beaches Bakeshop & Cafe' friends, It is with sadness we would like to inform you that the doors of Beaches Bakeshop & Cafe' will close for good on January 30, 2014. It has been the greatest ride since we started 7 years ago! Swedish Cinnamon Buns and Quinoa Salads, who knew what that was? Semla Buns and Taste- Buddies, the list can go on and on. We could not have done this without you, our customers. Our loyal local community has been amazing as well as our Swedish community that sometimes drives for hours to get to Beaches Bakeshop. We will for sure miss you all but are also so very happy for the wonderful years we have had together!! Please come by and say Hi, the Swedish Cinnamon Buns will be there til the end as well as Quinoa Salads and Semla buns! Looking forward to see you during the month of January!! Sincerely, Anna & Rose What you read above is what I just posted on Beaches Bakeshop & Cafe's website. It feels a bit scary to say it out loud. We are closing the cafe'!I am almost a 100% convinced that it is the right decision. You can't be to confident and say that you are 100% sure it is the right thing to do but my gut feeling says it is right. That counts for a lot! The big question of course is -What do I do now? I think it will work out but until then it will be a few sleepless nights and worriesome thoughts.. On a more immediate note, It is Christmas Day after all! Christmas presents are overflowing on the floor in front of me and the girls will come running down the stairs any minute, I think. I am just wishing for a friction free and Happy atmosphere day. We have had some not so friction free days and moments lately. It is not fun!! To everyone out there, I wish you and yours the best Holiday and an even better New Year!!! Take really good care of yourself!

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Lots of snow outside and it's sunday morning! Listening to an old episode of sommar i P1. If you are swedish and live abroad you should go back in time and listen to Linda Olsson's sommar from 2006. It is soooo good! Just go to and search for Linda Olsson. I have recommended it to so many people. The last person I recomended it to was Mrs I who came in to the cafe this week. We talked for about 5 minutes but I felt an instant connection. She is older, maybe 74. In those 5 minutes she told me among other things that she never really liked Toronto.....I think immigrants are slaves under the feeling of longing for another place. Does not matter where we live, we will always long for that other place and it is a good thing- most of the time. The other night I was very happy to be right here and now. Lots of good friends gathered here at our house for a casual Holiday mingle. Just women, everyone had a good time, I think and everyone brought yummy things I should have taken pictures of but I just took a picture of something I made!

Monday, December 09, 2013

Casual Holiday Mingle

Is it just me or does other people feel that it's much more fun to entertain than to go to other peoples party? I really like entertaining. What I like most is the fact that I obviously choose who's coming to the party! Tomorrow night I have a bout 20- 25 women coming over. THe house is far from spotless and I am not going crazy making things. People that asked if they could bring anything I told that sure please bring an appetizer or a dessert.It will be fun to mingle a little bit and have some
glogg, ginger snaps and blue cheese! I'll try to remember to take pictures tomorrow but here is one I just took now in the midst of preparations and just before going to bed. Just decided I'll do the rest tomorrow! Bootcamp at 5.30am is on the agenda first, then work and then HOLIDAY MINGLE!

Sunday, December 08, 2013

Mr. Bo

Some people inspire me! I know an older man who always sees things from the bright side! He is also like a angel when he drives around to pick up all the other older men and women and brings them to my cafe for a traditional Thursday meal. Pea soup, Pancakes and Punch! We eat, sing and get along really well even though there is 80 years between the youngest guest and the oldest! I love real humans that realizes how little is needed to make someone's day soooo much brighter!! Bo said it very well " Anna, You know these men and women use to be big and strong, have lots of stuff on the go and now for one reason or the other, their lives are very small" This man needs to be recognized in some way and this is my way! I don't know if he will ever see this post. Maybe I'll tell him I wrote about him.

Little wonders and their symbolism

Just wanted to show you these little wonders! While I was cutting these it struck me the symbolism in these shapes. For me these particular shapes stands for mamma, sweden, friends who have horses, love, homesickness during this time of the year and a few more things. I have not spent christmas in Sweden since 1988! Crazy!!! It never seems like the right thing to do for some bizzare reason. I have usually been home during the summer or I am planning to go in the spring..This year I am going already in February. I am doing TJEJVASAN. It is very exciting. I am also bringing three friends from Toronto. I will talk more about that and how it came together in a later post. HAve a wonderful 2nd of Advent. Make sure to have fun!

Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Auntie Harriet's Gingersnaps

It's time to share the best gingersnap recipe. Please make a tradition of baking these little wonders at least once every year!
Auntie Harriet's Gingersnaps 300 gram butter 5 dl sugar 1 dl swedish dark syrup 2 dl water 1 msk ginger 2 msk cinnamon 1 msk cloves 2 tsk cardamom 1 msk baking soda 1,5 liter all purpose flour This is how you do it: 1. Mix sugar, butter and syrup until nice and fluffy 2. Add water, ground spices, baking soda and flour 3. Work the dough until well mixed and "even" The dough will be a bit "loose" 4. Let dough rest in fridge over night 5. Grab a small piece of dough and with a rolling pin, roll the dough out to 2-3mm thickness. 6. Bake cookies in the middle of oven, 4-5 minutes in 225*C. 7. Let cookies cool down before moving from baking sheet.

Saturday, August 03, 2013

late night work....

Just sent off a proposal to people organizing clothing designer Filippa K's 20 anniversary here in Toronto. It will be celebrated at a furniture store and I hope to provide the food! Looking forward to it! It's time to go to bed now but I want to keep this blog thing up so here we go! Have to work in the morning. Construction is still going on so it is very hard to say if it's going to be busy or not. Hopefully busy! I am starting to get EXCITED about going to Sweden on Tuesday! J is excited as well, she is already packed!! I have a date next Friday with my all time favourite girlfriends in Malmö, FB is great for organizing. Within an hour everyone was confirmed to meet at 18.00 next Friday for dinner and lots of chatter!!! CAN'T WAIT!
This picture is from our 5th anniversary back in February! It was a great day! PJ and his band came and played. Can not believe it has been over 5 years since we opened! I still enjoy going there! Can't say I love slow days but when it's busy it's SOOO GREAT! If you are ever in Toronto please come by BEACHES BAKESHOP & CAFE'at 900 Kingston Road!

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

oh, yes I am still alive and well!

Over a year since I posted anything! It's middle of summer, I am going to Sweden in a week and my kids are getting big! Sigrid is up north working at a camp all summer! I MISS HER! Pippi is going to Vancouver, BC to play rugby. She made the Ontario team and will play Nationals out there. Very exciting but scary! Rugby is not for the weak!!
Beaches Bakeshop & Cafe' is still going strong. We have endured a massive road construction this summer but I feel very hopeful for the fall! I want to bring in new items and maybe update the shop a bit. A new coat of paint would be nice for example!
When in Sweden I will keep my eyes open for exciting stuff! I love Almedahls tea towels and Ekorrens Organic Candies! Two things I would like to see on the shelves at Beaches Bakeshop & Cafe'. Another passion of mine at the moment is Bikram Yoga! hence that I have to go to bed since class starts at 06.15! Namaste!