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Saturday, August 03, 2013

late night work....

Just sent off a proposal to people organizing clothing designer Filippa K's 20 anniversary here in Toronto. It will be celebrated at a furniture store and I hope to provide the food! Looking forward to it! It's time to go to bed now but I want to keep this blog thing up so here we go! Have to work in the morning. Construction is still going on so it is very hard to say if it's going to be busy or not. Hopefully busy! I am starting to get EXCITED about going to Sweden on Tuesday! J is excited as well, she is already packed!! I have a date next Friday with my all time favourite girlfriends in Malmö, FB is great for organizing. Within an hour everyone was confirmed to meet at 18.00 next Friday for dinner and lots of chatter!!! CAN'T WAIT!
This picture is from our 5th anniversary back in February! It was a great day! PJ and his band came and played. Can not believe it has been over 5 years since we opened! I still enjoy going there! Can't say I love slow days but when it's busy it's SOOO GREAT! If you are ever in Toronto please come by BEACHES BAKESHOP & CAFE'at 900 Kingston Road!