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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Here again!!!
Just a few days later and I am back. Things are still going well. Lots of stuff to do. Halloween is coming up and friends around us have apparently entered some freaky competition "Who can decorate and spend the most" It is over the top, I think. I have always had a hard time with Halloween. Didn't grow up with it in Sweden and saw my first carved pumpkin about 12 years ago. Mark carved the most amazing pumpkins when I was very pregnant with daughter number 1. I was soooo impressed.
At taste-buddies I haven't done anything in the spirit of Halloween. My friend Melissa wanted a picture from taste-buddies in action so here it is. You have to agree that they are adorable!
I have a sandwich catering on thursday morning. It is swedish open faced sandwiches for 17 people. Meatballs, skagen, gravlax etc etc. But before then I have to come up with another proposal for a sandwich catering on Nov. 15. Busy busy!
Frank and Leigh opened a bar right around the corner from us today. I can actually see myself go there and have a beer after kids are in bed. It has a great atmosphere, kind of like an Irish Pub in NYC. I guess it could be dangerous but chances of me becoming addicted to anything but the computer are minimal. Ok, my costume is ready and I have to roll into bed! I am Pippi Longstocking of course!! I dare you to go to St. Lawerence Market dressed like Pippi!!
See ya and Happy Halloween!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Can't believe it is soooo incredible long since I wrote on my blog...Have been busy, I guess but I have had time to read other peoples blogs. Blogs I read often are mostly food blogs, some Swedish ones are my favourites.
Taste-buddies cooking classes are going on and I really enjoy doing the classes. Don't know where I am heading with them really. I am still in the place where I cooked in the spring. I cook there now as well just not as intense as in the spring. It is good because it gives me time to spend on planning for taste-buddies. I am starting a new session on Nov. 12. If you live in my area and have kids between 6-11 and they love to cook and bake- send them my way! We have lots of fun!
This weekend we went up north to a friends beautiful house. It was not on a lake which is the common way or setting for people to have "cottages"here. It was on top of a hill and the view was just incredible. The coulours at this time of the year north of Toronto are just plain stunning.
Unfortunately my camera decided to have a melt down last week so I could not take any pictures. Very annoying!!
Well it is not very late but I think I have to get ready for this upcoming week. Busy, busy but that's the way I like it so I am NOT complaining! I will definitely make an effort to post blogs more often. It is great to have and look back on.