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Friday, December 28, 2007

Ok, Happy New year everyone! Can't believe it is actually going to be 2008 in a couple of days. We are at Blue Mountain, it is a little hill north of Toronto where people congregate to do some skiing. I have lucked out 2 days in a row because I have not had to strap my little feet into the monster boots and skiis!!! Well, that was a bit exagurrated but I have really enjoyed some time on my own. I finally got to book my ticket for NYC in mid- January. I am leaving on a Wednesday and wont be back home until Sunday!!!Spending a day with Sissi, the cousin and the rest of the days with girlfriends coming in from Sweden. There will be a total of 12 of us. We all met in NYC 20 years ago! Amazing, isn't it! It is going to be so much fun, I cant wait.
I am also trying to include a really cool link in this post. It is a list of the 100 special foody things one should not miss while in Toronto.
Tonight will be spent with the Peters up here in Collingwood. Hopefully there will be snow coming down tonight so I will be exited enough to go skiing tomorrow. We are spending new years with friends in Kitchener, that should be great as well. HAPPY NEW YEAR ONCE AGAIN!

Sunday, December 09, 2007

A great weekend is a balanced weekend and this weekend was just that! We have been to 2 Christmas parties, kids have had down time, we got to spend some time alone and on top of that we actually got some stuff done. Sigrid played basketball for 4 hours on Saturday and today she had one of her oldest friends over and they baked up a storm while Mark took the 2 other girls to a tree farm up north to cut down a tree. Now we have a decorated home, a Christmas tree in the corner and all the laundry is almost done. It was a scary sight this morning. I don't think the laundry mountain had reach the same altitude before...I have to post this really quick now because I have to plan for taste-buddies this week. I also have a catering job on Friday that needs some attention as well. Anyway have a great week!

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

What to write about?? Well, lots of time right now is spent on planning a new taste-buddies session and coming up with catering menus. These two things are probably what I enjoy doing the most. I mean, I have decided to start working after being home with kids for almost 12 years so as a person working away from home I can't see myself doing anything else righ now. I feel very fortunate to be able to do what I love to do. If it could just bring in a bit more money it would be even better!!! I am also thinking about introducing a few Swedish specialties at the cafe'. Open faced sandwiches would work very well, I think. I have started baking some typical Swedish cookies and they go over very well. Gingersnaps and jam caves. Ok, a new day has started, I just got in from a morning run in newly fallen light, fluffy snow and -5*C. Great start of the day!
Driveway is even shoveled!

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Oj, så mysigt det kan vara! Finns det något bättre än nybakat saffransbröd? Knappast. Jag har så otroligt starka minnen av mina barndoms jular hos mormor. Hon jobbade på EPA och var alltid helt slut när julen väl kom. Hennes saffrans bröd var det absolut vikigaste för mig. Sitta på mormors köksoffa i Årsta och doppa saffrans bröd i varm choklad kunde jag längta ihjäl mig efter. Hon bakade det bara för mig, trodde jag i alla fall. Mina barn har inte riktigt fattat tjusningen med saffrans bröd. Det stör mig lite måste jag erkänna. Om jag utesluter russinen kan det tänkas att de i alla fall smakar och säger att det är gott.
Nu är mitt te klart sa jag ska njuta av första saffrans brödet för i år. Kan inte fatta att jag faktiskt fått upp stjärnorna och advents staken i tid till första advent. Trevlig advent allihop!