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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Sunday night once again! Mark is back home, in one piece I might add. There were some injuries. One broken rib, shoulder injury, one guy puked over other guests in a restaurant..not from overdrinking apparently. Enough about them.
I had an overall good week with the kids. It was PA day on Friday so it feels like we ahve been off school for a week instead of three days. Pippi has been skating most of the time. She is a born again hockey girl suddenly I have alway known that she is a hockey girl in waiting. She would love to play. We have friends that have made a skating rink in the back yard and that is where Pippi has been for three days solid pretty much.She did 200 laps the other day! I am going to look into hockey fundamentals for March brake, I think.
I talked to the church on the corner and they are willing to rent the kitchen to me. I think it could be great. I have told a few people and I am picking other friends brain that have experience in the field of cooking with little kids. I have to work out a curriculum and then decide on how long the sessions are going to be. 6 or 8 weeks? I am a little comitted to work already in February so I might have to wait a little longer to start then what I originally thought. Ok, I should start working on the curriculum for "tastebuddies".
See you next time!

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The last few weeks I have been a REAL stay- at- home- mother. It has been pretty good. It's nice to not have something to rush off to and have hanging over you. But the downside is that you don't have anything to rush off to and to hang on to......sounds weird? It is, let me tell you!
I love the fact that I have seen my oldest daughters 2 volleyball games this week, I had time to really sit dowm and help middle daughter with her monthly writing assignment without feeling like everything around me was falling into pieces. I had time to listen to my 6 year olds suggestion to start a COOKING CLUB for her and her friends. I had so much time that I got really hooked on that idea and have a call into a church that apparently has a great kitchen. Will talk to them tomorrow, hopefully. The more I think about it the better it sounds. Am I right??? As far as I know there is nothing like that in this part of the world. There is lots of gymnastic places for kids and art places but no Cooking School for kids! I definitely think I am on to something. Husband is still away so I have not bounced the idea off him yet. He just keeps sending us pictures from the french, Italian or swiss mountains and him skiing and so on......we are here in a wintery Toronto going about our regular business. I kind of like my regular business, especially now when I have something little "hanging over me" again!!! It is just fun to brainstorm, plan and hope!
We met a new little friend yesterday. A little girl, 3 days old, who has a sister, Jojo's best friend. You definitely forget how incredibly tiny they are. She was soooo cute. Welcome to the world Lauren!!

So I think in Anna's perfect world I wouldn't want to miss much of my kids life but I definitely want my own thing going somehow!!!
I do actually have 1 or 2 catering jobs coming up next month as well so I think I'll be ok!
Thanks Ginetta for stopping by my blog and leaving a nice long comment!!! When are we getting together again??

Friday, January 19, 2007

Ok, so what kind of blogger am I? Once a week blogger or almost once every three week blogger. Oh, well here I am anyway! It has been a quiet week. The catering event last week went very well. The food was extremly well received. It was fun to work with Lotte again too. The Swedish women has sent e-mails asking for the recipes- funny!
Mark went to Chamonix yesterday and called today from a windy Switzerland. Apparently there are hurricane strong winds and power is out in large parts of middle Europe.
My morning started with us walkning to school as ususal and the kids went into class. I noticed one mom walking back home yelling her son's name. She came back a few minutes later very frantic (totally understandable), saying she could not find her son. He had walked ahead to school but he was not there.......just writing about it now makes me appreciate knowing the kids are in their beds right now!
I went to the school office. The principal was on it with her staff. They announced the boys name while Oh, Canada was playing- that means serious stuff! He was no where to be found. There was probably 15-20 people that had gotten together and we all went back out on the street, yelling his name and looking everywhere. Cars where stopping and people said they would drive around looking for him. The neighbourhood just really showed it's best side. I asked for the exact address and started running back to their home, I came halfway down the hill and some other parents had already gotten there and luckily the boy found, he was sitting in the family van...a mix up between walking or driving to thought she saw him up the hill ahead meanwhile the little boy was waiting in the van, he waited 45 minutes! We were all so relieved that he was ok and found. I can't imagine loosing a child for real, it must be the most terrible thing that could happen to a parent. You could never stop looking!

Last night we went to an open house at the neighbourhood 7-8 school. My daughter really liked the school,it's teachers and what they had to say. Students made presentations and wow, they were good. There are 3 ways you can go to grade 7.
1. Just normal, core French- You continue having 1h (I think)of french / day
2. Exteded French- You get extra French and it is a LOTTERY to get in.
3. Alternative school, a few schools with different specialties, you apply to the one you find interesting and yes, it's a LOTTERY to get in! I told my daughter that we, or she could want whatever she wants but it is still a lottery and faith will decide. That is not right. I think the kids should be able to apply and then really know what they have to do to actually get in to the program of their choice.

Well, that is it for tonight. We are hoping for some extra snow overnight so we can go for a good tobagoning ( how the %$## do you spell that)tomorrow! Lots of people are going skiing this weekend, I am sure. Hopefully it will be more skiing in a couple of weeks.

Thanks for dropping by!

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

I am back!
Why is it always 11pm when I finally sit down by the computer???
Today I have been to Costco again plus I have been cooking a bit for my catering job on Thursday night. Have a feeling Jojo will be staying home tomorrow. She is not feeling well at all. She actually fell asleep at 5pm and missed dinner, her favourite salmon and mashed potatoes. She did wake up at 8.30 and had some mash. Then back to bed....her throath is sore and maybe we have to go to the dr, tomorrow. I have lots to do of course since I am cooking food for 100 people on thursday night. Anyway, it will all work out.
The menu for thursday is sundried tomatoes and olive spirals, beef keftas, curried orzo, wild rice and lentil salad, rajita, green salad for dessert a typical swedish dessert Longonbery and cardamom parfait! I think it will be good. Have not calculatet on the whole thing yet but hopefully i'll make some money!
Talk about money, Sigrid wants to go to camp again this summer. It is soooooo expensive. two weeks and it costs around $1700. Can't decide if it is too much or not....ok, I know it is too much but do we want to send her there or not is the question??
I will get back to this matter when my energy level is higher! As alway I ave to leave and go and rest!
until next time! Don't forget to leave a comment that you read my blog!
hugs and kram!

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Time for some english......
we are in the middle of christmas break and we are having a good time. Jojo spent some of the day at Jillians house. The plan was sleepover but she wanted to come home. I always feel kind of "happy" when my kids wants to come home instead of sleeping over. I think the reason for that is that they, especially Sigrid, have always been so happy to go to other people's houses. Jojo is luckily much more of a homebody.
We had some friends over as well. Everybody pitched in and voila dinner on the table for lots of people without too much effort! I love that style of entertaining.
Our friends had a terrible new years. Their nephew was killed by what seemes to be a drunk driver when he was walking home from a new years eve party. It is just BRUTAL! The visitation and funeral is tomorrow and Friday. I wish I could do more to help them get through this!
Mormor went back home today and she got on the flights without delays. I would love to have her come a few times/year for 3-4 weeks maximum each time. The kids learned to like her and I think she really feels like mormor after this visit. It must be tough for her to have us all sooo far away. I just hope my kids stay close to me when they grow up- fat chance!
it is alway too late to sit here and write nonsens so ones again I have to get to bed. Are going for a walk with a very pregnant Leigh Anne tomorrow morning at 6am!

Monday, January 01, 2007

New Years Day, 2007

Vi hade ett trevligt nyar tillsammans med vanner har hemma. Vi at och drack gott. Dave, Shannon, Sheila, Al, Mark och jag plus alla barn. Inte Shannons eller Daves, de var hos deras respektive ex, men resten plus Emma. Lotte var pa fest ett kvarter harifran sa det var lite lage att Pippi och hon fick leka lite. Barnen gjorde partyhats av glass strutar och vi at lamm, goda ostar och mumsig sallad. Mark deckade tidigt. Pa morgonen tog jag mamma till Downward Dog och det var forst lite nervost- Skulle hon klara det? Hon imponerade dock och tyckte tom att det var riktigt kul. Sedan skjutsade Mark henne till Rob och Mary och hon spenderade nyarskvallen med dem. De hade jattetrevligt pa nagon dans tillstallning.

Tyvarr sa ringde Al med fruktansvarda nyheter. Sheilas systerson blev ihjalkord av en rattfull nar han skulle ga hem fran en
fest pa nyarskvallen. Dessutom hade foraren smitigt. Idag hade en tvabarns mamma anmalt sig sjalv till polisen. Tank sa javla hemkt och hur manga liv som egentligen drabbas. Bara for att hon inte hade vett att INTE TA BILEN! Vi har pratat om det har hemma nu hela kvallen. Sigrid var den som sa att det ar ju inte bara hon sjalv som drabbas utan hennes bar, hennes foraldrar Tonys foraldrar och ovriga familj. Ja, den listan kan man gora hur lang som helst.

Har inte kommit pa nagot riktigt nyarslofte att avge annu.Maste hitta pa nagot....Big Dave overtalade Mark att kopa en ny dator sa nu har vi en splirrans ny iMac. Den ar helt underbar. Det ar mycket att lara sig och vanja sig vid. Mamma aker hem pa Onsdag. Tydligen sa ser det dessutom bra ut vad galler plats tillgang. Jag tycker vi har haft en valdigt mysig tid tillsammans. Jag hoppas hon tycker det ocksa. Tjejerna har uppfort sig ok. Sigrid ar ju lite tonarig men i ovrigt helt ok. Mamma sydde en jattefin quilt till Pippi som hon fick i julklapp. Mark och jag fick en quilt for var sang. Den ar ocksa fin faktiskt, Jag ar ingen stor quilt fantast egentligen men det ser fint ut.
Pratade med Annika igar och onskade Gott nytt ar. Jag ringde Anne ocksa och hon satt och at middag med Agne, Kalle och hans fru. Ganska lustigt. Kalle och jag hade ju nagot slags forhallande for 110 ar sedan ungefar. Ja, det var faktiskt 1984 om jag ine minns helt fel. Nar jag gick pa Lanthushallsskola i Hoor. Tank det ar 23 ar sedan i ar. Fasen vad gammal man borjar bli. Nu ska jag tomma diskmaskinen och sedan krypa till kojs!
Kram till nasta gang!