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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Oooops, way too long since I updated again. It seems like that is a very common first sentence here on my blog. We went to Mt. Tremblant and had a great time. Weather, Company, Chalet and Food all cooperated! I was the lucky receiver of a new ski outfit for my birthday! It was well needed since my kids have complained for years about my UGLY snow pants. I might put them in a shadow box just for fun. Maybe in our future chalet they could be some kind of centre piece over the fire place.....
I have opened a twitter account which I am planning to update with Beaches BAkes Shops daily menu and future events. An event I am looking forward to is "Speed Babysitter" We are inviting potential babysitters in the area to come and at the same time we have invited parents of kids that needs to be babysat. Smart, eh'! A friend of mine suggested it and I ran with it. We will see how it will work out. The format is still a bit up in the air.

Sigrid is doing great in France. She does not like school at all but everything else seems ok. She and Laura went to PAris 2 weeks ago for the weekend- on the TGV all alone! They of course had a blast. Will post pictures when blogger allows me.
Right now we are experiencing some difficulties in connecting apparently.
I'll be right back!

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Just super quickly a short post before I have to do other things.
I have the best MAMMA and BISSA- look what I got for my birthday!!!! The package came today even though my birthday is not for another week but I kind of knew what was inside so I had to open it and there it was my all time favorite pattern on a table cloth!!!! It fits the kitchen table perfectly and I JUST LOOOOOVE IT!! TACK SA JATTEMYCKET !!!!!!! Jag blev jatteglad!!!
Stora kramar

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

next day already.....
The cooking demonstration went really well. I didn't have a long time to plan it because quite frankly I had forgotten committing to do it until one of my friends that was coming asked what time the class was going to start the next day....It was a swedish cooking class and I decided to show and teach the guests about the following:

3 Crispbread toppnings
Egg salad with Kalles Kaviar
Skagen mix- cold water shrimps with dill and mayo
Old Cheddar with Cloudberry

Ovenbaked Salmonfile under a dill and dijon crust served with horseradish whip

Biff a la Lindström- mini hamburgers filled with beets, pickles and capers
Roasted ugly root vegetables- turnip, rutabaga, parsnip, carrots and potato

For dessert I made SEMLA buns. Everyone assembled their own and the whipped cream go a Lingonberry touch.

Every one enjoyed it a lot and I think I would like to do more teaching. It is fun!!!
Have to go- sleep is important!!

Monday, March 02, 2009

Just a quick post today because it is over a months since last time -again!!
Sigrid has left, she is in France for her 2 month student exchange and is having a great time- I hope!!! She did loose her camera on the slopes on the weekend but we have "taken care of that".
I can't remember the expression that goes with the picture of Jojo and her friend in Sigrid's room. Something about when away the.....I need help!!
The cafe is going, we have been busy every other day it seems like lately. It is freezing cold outside and people do not want to go outside, I guess. On Saturday I am cooking up Swedish Pea soup and Swedish Pancakes. Come on by!!! I went to IKEA yesterday and bought another s/s kitchen counter. It works really well. Everybody said, wow we look like a "real Kitchen" now.
Ok, have to go. I have to plan for a Swedish Cooking Demonstration I am doing tomorrow night. Don't know how many people yet.
I'll be back soon!