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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Oooops, way too long since I updated again. It seems like that is a very common first sentence here on my blog. We went to Mt. Tremblant and had a great time. Weather, Company, Chalet and Food all cooperated! I was the lucky receiver of a new ski outfit for my birthday! It was well needed since my kids have complained for years about my UGLY snow pants. I might put them in a shadow box just for fun. Maybe in our future chalet they could be some kind of centre piece over the fire place.....
I have opened a twitter account which I am planning to update with Beaches BAkes Shops daily menu and future events. An event I am looking forward to is "Speed Babysitter" We are inviting potential babysitters in the area to come and at the same time we have invited parents of kids that needs to be babysat. Smart, eh'! A friend of mine suggested it and I ran with it. We will see how it will work out. The format is still a bit up in the air.

Sigrid is doing great in France. She does not like school at all but everything else seems ok. She and Laura went to PAris 2 weeks ago for the weekend- on the TGV all alone! They of course had a blast. Will post pictures when blogger allows me.
Right now we are experiencing some difficulties in connecting apparently.
I'll be right back!

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Ginetta Peters said...

Love to hear all your scoops. Can't wait to see your ski pants on display. Looking forward to meatballs this weekend. Yum yum. g