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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Is it just me who is a uninspired food enthusiast right now?? I was wondering all day why I just could not get excited about what to cook at the cafe. Then I realized that I am boooored with the ingredients produce, I guess, available this time of the year. I am tired of the winter root veggies I have worked with and enjoyed for months now. I am ready for asparagus and all the spring stuff!!!! Have to get to St. Lawrence Market asap!! The cafe was super quiet today and that always bugs me. I am not very patient with slow-period!!! I want busy and crazy as much as possible. Luckily I had a Taste- Buddies cooking class this afternoon and they always spice up my day. We made chicken noodle soup and corn bread.

From one thing to the other- Sigrid is coming home on Monday, can't believe she has been gone for 2 months. She has had a great time and family dynamics at home changed a bit. Pippi got to be the oldest sister and there was just more time to be shared between the 2 sisters instead of 3.

The weather is finally supposed to get warmer- can't wait! Apparently it will warm up to 16*C by Saturday- I really hope that happens! That's it for tonight! Take care and leave me a message!

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