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Friday, September 18, 2009

Is it really mid September already??? Can't believe it! In just over a week I am running my 4th marathon. Also my first marathon in 15 years. I have been training, of course I should have trained more, harder and longer. But guess what I don't really care about my time. I just really want to earn the bragging rights you get for a while after you have finished a marathon- 42,6km.
Apart from running the past 6 weeks I spent 3 weeks in Europe. First a short intense visit to Malmo, Sweden. Weather was great actually so all the good karma I tried to spread about the weather worked well! We rented bikes and biked around like the rest of the average Malmo citizen. Had dinner i Vastra Hamnen, visited Annika i Ljunghusen, spent time at mormors kolonistuga, went to Osterlen and stayed at Karlaby Gard one night, had the most amazing dinner there by the way....We also spent the afternoon we left for PAris in Kopenhamn so I got a nice smorrebrod. I really enjoyed our visit and specially seeing all my friends. There are so many more friends I would have loved to catch up with but the time was NOT enough this time around. I'll be back!!!!
After Malmo we went to Paris and from there to Bordeaux- gorgeous place and so much to see. Not really a relaxing vacation but fun to see everything. We went to St. Emillion, Cap Ferre, Sarla, Arcichon, Dune du Pylat and so many more places. Before coming home we had 3 days in Paris with good friends in St-Nom-La- Breteche. Mark and I went shopping in Paris one day and I finally got the cutlery I have wanted forever.The typical french one with colourful handles. I should have a picture right here but I don't...
Since coming back to Toronto, the girls have started school-2 started new schools. Kids are now in 3 different schools. So far they really like their schools and everything is going great.

Beaches Bake Shop & Cafe' is doing great. We closed for 3 weeks and the first couple of days back were a bit scary. Now we are back to normal and have had 2 crazy lunches these past 2 days- I LOVE IT when it is busy. I also think I have an incredible "flyt" sometimes. Today a customer walked in and sat down with his 2 little girls for lunch. He starts talking about fresh produce in the car and vips I am out the looking at his heirloom tomatoes, macintosh apples that were picked this morning and zucchini galore.....I asked him how much?? He says - I like trading for favours! Ok, I said lunch is on us! So he and his 2 girls walked away happy and full and Beaches Bakeshop & Cafe' is making apple crumbles tomorrow like you have never seen before!!!
On October 3rd we will celebrate Kanelbullens Dag again. It was a huge success last year so we are planning for that again this year!

On a sad note I have 2 girlfriends who have been diagnosed with breast cancer recently and I don't like it one bit!!!! I am running Run for the Cure in a few weeks and suddenly that race will mean so much more.