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Monday, February 20, 2012

Family Day! Another pressure filled day added to the calendar. Everyone else have the cosiest day together with their all in sync families. They all know what and how to celebrate this day in the best of ways! My family on the other hand woke up to a beautiful sunny day in a little hotel room in a small Ontario town. The reason is that this town provide skiing opportunity to southern ontarios millions of people. I wake up ready to attack this day in a energetic way, a snow shoe hike, a brunch at a well planned establishment that we are all excited to go to or just go for a long interactive hike. On this hike we would talk to each other and nobody would punch, teas or push. So, this did not happen of course. One daughter had a sleep over, another was impossible to wake up, she was snoring together with my husband that also decided that sleeping is way more important than being energetic. Luckily there is a third daughter who like me is energetic in the morning and wants to get going! We did some errands and picked up daughter from sleepover and stopped by Starbucks for husbands needs. Finally we are all together in the car all packed and ready to go. Too late to start skiing, no chance of convincing everyone that a snow shoe hike would be great. We start our drive home. Now we are hungry. Where to eat? Let's stop in the Italian Woodbridge north of Toronto for some "easy to find, great Italian spot". Marks wonderful idea sounds ok but the closer we get the more hungry everyone gets. I am loosing faith in this whole day!! Much better to just go to school and work than to be stuck with your family and forced to interact. Suddenly we pull in to a strip mall where there is a funeral going on and it feels like we are crashing a Sopranos episode. In the middle of limos, dark sunglasses and white shoes is exactly the place we have been looking for. Very authentic, great pizza and even better espresso and suddenly my family are experiencing that bliss of family cosiness i was looking for, while eating the best pizza in a very long time. After stuffing ourselves we find a perfect little hike in Edwards Garden. I feel great again even though the day started differently than I wanted it to.
Tomorrow we are back in reality and I know I will think back on this Family Day and think it was pretty good after all. It was our Family Day 2012!!

Saturday, February 04, 2012

Saturday night and home alone at the kitchen counter with my iPad. Not that I want to do this every Saturday night but once in a while it is soo relaxing and cosy. I have been listening to lots of podcasts and music.
Earlier today was big Semla Saturday at Beaches Bakeshop & Cafe. It was pretty busy and a few swedes came by.
J, P, and M are up north this weekend. P raced today and did great. Tomorrow J is racing and I wish I was there. S is babysitting so that is the reason we didn't go to Collingwood. Went to my friend G's house to pick up a cook book she got me from Sweden. She went there for 2 weeks to "find back to herself". She was in big need and had a great time. G is a very good friend of mine. I am going to spend more time with friends like her this year. Ok, that's it for now! Have to read my new cookbook- cant stop myself! Tomorrow is Superbowl Sunday, which doesn't matter much to me but I am making a chili because of that. I got inspired!!

Thursday, February 02, 2012

Good thing I didn't sign up to do the 100 days of blogging!
Life goes on and I just forget to stop and write a few sentences to save my thoughts of the day for the afterworld. I have diaries from way back when I was 8-10 years old. I wrote almost daily until I was 30. Then kids started to come along and other things took over my writing time. Now, almost 20 years later, I am trying to find that time again and use it for what it was intended for.
I have had some great moments lately with my kids. P is learning to play guitar and I am soo impressed by how dedicated she is and that she is teaching herself. J is working hard on being as good as she wants to be in all areas. She runs, studies, is the inspiration of the school's volleyball team. She loves it all. S is working hard on her school. She has high hopes and I am sure will make some great choices and will reach her goals and hopes!
I, on the other hand, don't know what my goals are at the moment, more than I have to start to get this day off the ground! So, go on, have fun and do the right thing!