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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Ok, who timed their vacation so perfectly this year????? I did, believe it or not but since we closed the cafe on Saturday afternoon the sun has not left the sky during the day. It is beautiful in Toronto these days. Perfect temperature and I am so happy we decided to stay home these 2 weeks. We had talked about driving to Oklahoma, or driving out east in Canada, which is very popular to do but a few weeks ago we realized that the most relaxing thing is probably to stay right here in our own backyard. That leads me to tell you about Mark's latest accomplishment, he just finished building a new deck in the back of our house. So, that is where I am sitting right now writing this. I LOVE IT!!
Another reason why we stayed home is that we have a fourth girls staying with us right now. It is Laura from France. She is an exchange student and will go to school with Sigrid for 5 weeks or so. Her total stay is 2 months and she arrived just over a week ago.
We went to Prince Edward County for 2 nights. I have been wanting to go there for a long time. The highlight was definitely a meal we had at Harvest. A restaurant I can recommend to anyone. The waiter we had was Jason and he was an ex Beach'er who had just moved to Picton. He was very knowledgeable and seemed to be a very nice guy as well.
On Monday we wanted to something special since it was Laura's 13th birthday so what is better to do than go for a few scary rides in a huge amusement park. Here in Toronto the destination for that is Canadas Wonderland. What a place. It is enormous with lots of rides, both scary and not so scary. They also have an amazing water park that the kids enjoyed a lot. I think we will get season passes for next year. It is definitely worth it.
Mark took daughter 2 and 3 back to Prince Edward County for a night of camping with his sisters and parents. They are on their way back now and it sounds like they had a great time.
I gently forced the bigger girls to do some exercise this morning and biked to my favourite place in Toronto, St. Lawrence Market. It is a 30 minute bike ride and it was a bit windy coming back. We bought some fresh seasonal berries and a piece of horseradish. I am hoping to do some pickling but I couldn't find the dill you use for that. Is it called crown dill in english???
That was my post for today, I am going up to Sigrid's room to finish building an IKEA dresser. I do well with IKEA building stuff usually but this morning I had to step away and take a brake.......
I will be back with more pictures but as always, let me know if you have been by to read my blog! Enjoy the last bits and pieces of summer 2008!