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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Ok, I have a new "mission" in life! The mission is to get the schools around here to be good role model for our kids!!!!! Everywhere we go we see messages about healthy life style and how important it is to make those healthy food choices. Meanwhile the schools, where our kids spend most of their life promotes sports to ONLY A FEW, the ones who makes the teams. These kids are good, strong and active- great! But what about the average kid who might not priorities sports but would like to stay healthy and active??That kid have NO chance in todays school because he or she will NEVER MAKE A TEAM and because of that will totally loose inspiration to be active and healthy!
The same thing goes for the cafeterias. A school official told me "We have to sell things that we know the kids will buy" Ok, so why don't we stick to teaching our kids 1+1 since they know that?? Let's move a long and record that ok, our kids, future adults, like hot dogs, chips, french fries and pizza. What else do they like or what can we introduce them to and maybe teach them to like?? I am trying to include a great interview with Silken Laumann. If Im not successfull, please google Silken Laumann writers cafe and listen to it! In the end of the interview she talks about this problem. If you live in Toronto and want to help me in my new "mission", please let me know!!!!