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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Fatta att det har varit +13 idag och det ar 7/1. Helt otroligt. Jag haller for fullt pa att forbereda mig infor overtagandet av cafeet den 1/2. Ansokte och printade ut ett master license som man maste ha for att kunna ansoka om ett business license. Allt sant tar ju sadan tid!!!! Vet inte men jag undrar om inte Toronto eller Ontario ar extra byrakratiskt. Kanske Sverige ar likadant. Vad vet jag??? Man lar sig mycket i alla fall och sjalvfortroendet okar lite ocksa maste jag saga. Alla barnen ar hemma ikvall. Mark ar borta och resten av familjen slappar lite och ska snart packa ihop for att ga och lagga oss i nagot sanar tid. Jag maste verkligen ut och springa i morgon.
Det har oppnat en ost affar precis mitt over gatan fran cafeet och de ska ha nagot de kallar for "meet the chef" och fatta att de fragade om jag ville komma och vara med som en av kockarna....Ska prata mer om det nar ratta killen kommer tillbaka fran sin ledighet men jag tankte att kanske jag kan gora gravlax pa nagot kul satt eller ska jag gora semlor

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Hello there again! Twice in one day, wow, that has never happened before.
Sweden played really well but unfortunately they lost 3-2 in overtime so the Canadians can now call themself best in the junior hockey world. Congrats!!!

Just surfed to some other blogs I like to read. Unfortunately for non- swedish readers they are in Swedish, sorry, and found a great idea at
It is all about making a new years resolution regarding greener, more earth friendly food habits. I agree with Ninna at, she is among other things promising to always use her cloth shopping bags and NOT GET PLASTIC BAGS at the grocery store. I am promising that as well! I am also promising to educate people close to me what it is to be more seasonal in your food habits. In Toronto we shouldn't be eating strawberries in January for example. Lots of people are not aware of this discussion going on at all and I was reminded of that last weekend while visiting some friends that eats very traditionally and doesn't spend much time on food. They just eat because they are hungry.... Anyway, what will you promise to do this year when it comes to your eating and foodbuying habits?? Let me know! Eat more seasonal produce, locally grown, name it there are so much going on in this department that the list is endless. Toronto is great when it comes to garbage sorting. We are sorting everything. They still discuss what we should do about the landfills of course. I heard about a really stupid thing. It was bookstore owners who has to tear the cover off totally perfect books they can't sell before they discard them. The publishers are so afraid that someone will find them and sell them without the publishers knowledge, I guess. Lots of manufactures prefer to throw away totally perfect merchandise than to have it on the market for different reasons that I can't think of right now. This became a rambling post but there is so much to say about so many things that sometimes it is hard to stop yourself!
2008!!! Here it is a brand new year in front of us. It feels great, mainly exciting. First off is a big chance in my work life. I will from February 1 take over the bake shop together with my co- worker Rose. I am a little scared of course, specially when I think about how "tied down" I'll be. I mean what will happen to my 6 week stints to Europe? Will I ever be able to go to Sweden again?? I definitely hope so. I am sure it will all work out. It will be busy but fun, I am sure. I will keep doing the cooking classes for kids as well. That feels a little much at this point so I will see if I continue the same format after this 6 week session I have starting on January 7th.
Today Sweden is playing Canada in junior hockey world championship. All our friends is asking who I am cheering for, SWEDEN of course! That is sooooo obvious to me but it surprised friends. This ended up being a short little update , have to get back to blogging more often! Will post some pictures as well!