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Wednesday, June 03, 2009

June already!!!
Can't believe it. At least it is warm enough tonight to sit outside on our deck at 8pm. This week started with the worst summer weather you can imagine. The worst thing with that weather was that it was supernice weather in Sweden. When it's nice weather in Sweden and bad where I am, I get very depressed. Don't really know why but maybe it is because there is not many places I really want to be more than a SUNNY Stockholm or Malmo. We are going for a short visit in august so if you are planning a Sweden trip- don't go 12-20 of August- the weather will for sure be crap! It always is when I am in Sweden. Please, the only thing I really want is nice, warm weather for 8, PLEASE 8 DAYS!!! That can't be too much to ask for. Enough about my swedish weather hang ups.
I am doing a Marathon in September! Yes, that is right, I am running a marathon on September 27. Scotia Bank Waterfront Marathon. It will go through The Beaches where we live. I am counting on all my friends to come out to cheer for Leigh-Anne, my running partner and I. Tomorrow I will take pictures of the new store front at the cafe'. Beaches Bake Shop & Cafe' looks great these days- I am sooo happy with how the paint job and sign came out.
Now it is time to shut down. I am tired and ready for bed!
Bye Bye