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Monday, June 23, 2008

I am always excusing myself and making up reasons for not having posted any new postings. I am not doing that this time. I know it's a long time since I wrote last but hey, I have had things to do....
Birthday parties for two of my daughters, working a bit and I have actually relaxed a bit these past weeks. Oh, I forgot to mention the boot camp I started last week. It's great. Down at the beach at 6.30am , for 1 hour and the guy who leads us is crazy. One morning we did a total of 210 push- ups. Even I, the push- up Queen, had enough! I will bring my camera and take pictures one morning. These pictures are taken randomly during the past month. One picture shows Rose, my partner at Beaches Bake Shop.THe crazy looking person in a H/M marimekko t- shirt is moi! The little girl in taste-buddies uniform is of course Jojo. I will produce a better picture and with her team mates. I just love yelling -Great job, taste- buddies!!! Remember, I am the vice- coach. I am not fullfilling my responsibilities all the time but I will try to get there on time from now on at least. The other pictures are from the best market in the world, at least the world I know, St. Lawrence Market on a Saturday morning. Listen people! It is AMAZING! specially this time of the year with all the local farmers and all there fresh produce.
Ok, I wanted to write so much more and post many more pictures but I have roll into ed since I am going to bootcamp in the morning!! Good night and see you soon again! Don't forget to let me know you where here!!