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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Saturday morning and it's not snowing! I think there is a light at the end of the tunnel called WINTER this year. We have had soooo much snow! I have shoveled out my car numerous times and I am sick and tired of it! Anyway, this morning will be interesting. Sigrid had a sleepover last night and has basketball practice at 10.30am. She will be picked up her at home around 10am. The question is -will she be home by then??? Not very exciting for anyone else but me. I am curious to see what her choice will be. Stay and hang out with her friends and feel lacy for the rest of the day or get up, go to practice and get back to friends afterwards and feel good about it? How do you teach things like that???
I have to do a bagel run to St. Lawrence Market, the best market in the world -almost at least- on Saturdays. You can get everything there! I have promised the kids to pick up veal sausages with spinach. There is a guy that comes in on Saturday who has the best sausages. I will get a few and stick them in the freezer. After that I'm going to the Bake Shop to get organized. Rose is coming in a little later and I am going home in the afternoon- FOR SURE! Just got back from a quick run and a good chat with my friend Leigh Anne so now I have to get ready and start my day!! Until next time!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

What do you think about the new logo my dear friend Karin Broden has done. I love it. Just have to tell her to add the e- mail address and make the phone number in bigger font. Apparently people have a hard time reading it. We are making stickers to put on our soup containers and sandwich bags. We also have to make a menu. I should probably be doing that right now instead of writing this....
Another day at the Bake Shop has gone by and I feel very energetic about it all. Maybe because we had that long weekend..
I feel that we have to come up with some more things to make money of. Can't say I have that many ideas but I am sure I will come up with something good.
A friend of mine gave me the idea of buying fresh yeast from a bakery so today I asked at a local bakery if they by any chance would sell me some fresh yeast and they did! Now I have a big thing of fresh yeast to bake with. I am very excited!
It will be interesting to compare cinnamon rolls baked with dry yeast to cinnamon rolls baked with fresh yeast. Do I sound like a total " food nerd"?
I am enrolling students for the next session of taste- buddies right now. I am thinking of advertising that we are happy to do birthday parties as well. There could be a few different options for birthday parties. Brownie baking is always popular, I can see Baked Alaska or Banana Split being other good dishes depending on age and abilities. I have to come up with a schedule for the next session first, when that is done it's soo much easier.
I was supposed to have the last Wednesday class tomorrow afternoon but Pippi is playing a volleyball game that I don't want to miss so the kids will come next week instead. Pippi was so happy when I was able to come to her game that it's totally worth the hassle of rescheduling the cooking class. Until next time, let me know you visited and please , if you have ANY suggestions or tips let me know!!!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

It's time to update my blog! It has been a crazy ride these past 2 weeks. Rose and I have now owned the bake shop just over 2 weeks and I think I still like it....We had a crazy busy first week and a bit slower this past week. That was a good thing because I was going nuts! We have had one snow storm after the other on top of that. This weekend is a long weekend. The government decided to make a new holiday in Ontario, Canada. They called it Family Day! Innovative, eh! It is very unclear who should be open and who should be closed but we decided to close Beaches Bake Shop. I think it was a good decision.
I have spent today at Mt. St. Louis Moonstone. Sigrid and Pippi are in a program there and they have been going up every Sunday for 6 weeks. It is a 8 week program so 2 more to go. Todays weather was pathetic. It was raining and and all the skiers got super soaked. I stayed in the chalet and relaxed. Listened to my Stieg Larsson's audio book Flickan som lekte med elden" It is a very good book that I think is being translatet into english as I am writing this. I definitely recommend the book!
I will post some new pics this coming week so please stop by and let me know you where here!! Bye for now!

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

It is not +13C tonight , that is for sure! the snow started falling last evening and it has NOT STOPPED. Last Friday was February 1st and Rose and I became cafe owners. We now own Beaches Bake Shop! It is fun but LOTS of work. It is sooo much to do. I have no time for anything else than cooking and baking all day long....I love it. Pippi and Jojo come up for lunch every day almost and that part is really awesome! I have a small catering that will be picked up on Saturday. It is great. I need to be there a few hours anyway and it is perfect to have a special order for pick up! Taste-buddies start a new session on March 17th after march brake. Some kids have already signed up again. Will be interesting to see if I can fill three classes again. Monday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoons. 8 kids in each class.
We redecorated the cafe on Super Bowl Sunday. Rose's family came out in full force to help with painting, changing lights and putting together wonderful IKEA furnitures.
I am baking Swedish kanelbullar (cinnamon rolls)every day. We sell an average of 40- 50/ day. Tomorrow it will be a busy lunch, I think. I guess people might stay home if this snow keeps coming down. The great thing with our neighbourhood is that people walk everywhere. In case there is a snow day for the schools tomorrow we will be super slow but otherwise people will come, I am sure! Have to put kids to bed, it is getting late... Look at the pictures and imagine some more details and less clutter behind me in the kitchen. Have to work on that tomorrow if we are slow- hope NOT!
Bye for now!:o)