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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

It is not +13C tonight , that is for sure! the snow started falling last evening and it has NOT STOPPED. Last Friday was February 1st and Rose and I became cafe owners. We now own Beaches Bake Shop! It is fun but LOTS of work. It is sooo much to do. I have no time for anything else than cooking and baking all day long....I love it. Pippi and Jojo come up for lunch every day almost and that part is really awesome! I have a small catering that will be picked up on Saturday. It is great. I need to be there a few hours anyway and it is perfect to have a special order for pick up! Taste-buddies start a new session on March 17th after march brake. Some kids have already signed up again. Will be interesting to see if I can fill three classes again. Monday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoons. 8 kids in each class.
We redecorated the cafe on Super Bowl Sunday. Rose's family came out in full force to help with painting, changing lights and putting together wonderful IKEA furnitures.
I am baking Swedish kanelbullar (cinnamon rolls)every day. We sell an average of 40- 50/ day. Tomorrow it will be a busy lunch, I think. I guess people might stay home if this snow keeps coming down. The great thing with our neighbourhood is that people walk everywhere. In case there is a snow day for the schools tomorrow we will be super slow but otherwise people will come, I am sure! Have to put kids to bed, it is getting late... Look at the pictures and imagine some more details and less clutter behind me in the kitchen. Have to work on that tomorrow if we are slow- hope NOT!
Bye for now!:o)


Anonymous said...

Hej Anna,
Kul att få läsa lite om vad du gör. Läste en gamma blof om Ryan AIR, jag ska flyga med dom i sommar så det öåter bra att du hade en OK upplevelse med dom.
Take care,

Anonymous said...

Hej Anna,

Great to see the pictures! I really looks a lot better alredy. Enjoyed seeing you and Mark on Saturday! It was a bit hard getting up at 5:30 on Sunday - but it was worth it. Leo's team won the final - and he scored a goal - a very happy boy indeed!
See you soon!

Anne said...

Hej vännen, vad fint det ser ut! Å vilken fantastisk bloggare du är, hade ingen aning :) SEr fram mot att höra mer om och även se ditt företag! Stor kram från Anne

Anonymous said...

Hejsan Anna!
Du är väl helt fantastisk. Inte visste jag att du bloggar! Fått mat hos Anne idag så det var hon som skvallrade :-) Kul att Kanelbullarna är en success!!
Wish I was there!!
Kramar från Marie

Melissa said...

Congratulations!! How exciting. i love seeing all the pictures. Anna's Kitchen (Beaches)is sure to be a huge hit in the neighborhood.

Cia said...


Nu måste jag komma förbi!

Anita said...

Vilket fint litet bageri!! Ser jattemysigt ut! Skulle garna kommit forbi for en kanelbulle eller tva om vi hade bott lite narmare :)