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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

An ordinary Tuesday night has passed. Mark was out on some work thing and I was home with the girls. Had planned to maybe go to Costco and IKEA but when I thought a bit more and looked at the darkness outside I decided against it. It was ice to just stay home and do nothing. I was up early this morning and is already tired for bed.
My Garland oven is not connected yet and our landlord wants proof that it is hooked up according to code before we start using it. Nothing is really simple in life.....
Now on to to something totally different. I am supposed to teach a Swedish Cooking Class in early January at a cheese store across the street from the Cafe. Give me some tips on what to cook!!!! I did one in the spring and made gravlax, venison, cloudberry parfait and a few other things. I am thinking of veal Stew in Dill Sauce. It is one of my favourite dishes. Please if you read this and have suggestions- give them to me!!!!! Ok, off to bed I go! I am "scheduled" to get up super early for a spinn class tomorrow morning.
Bye for now!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

This is not what I should be doing at this point but what the is 07.10 and I just got back from a good run with LeighAnne. We have the best runs!!!We met at 05.45 and ran for just over 1 hour. Is there a better feeling than finishing up an hour run in the early morning?? Don't think so.
The rest of my day will be spent inside mostly. The cafe was not very busy yesterday so hopefully it picks up today. We re planning for christmas. The oven is still NOT totally hooked up and it is starting to bug me. I want to bake in Garry the GARLAND oven NOW!!!
Mark is in Buffalo, N.Y. He went there yesterday with some friends to see a football game. He called from the parking lot where they had a tailgate party. The menu was canned chili- yum!I remember when we went to Detroit to watch a soccer game Sweden- Brasil and Mark wanted too have tailgate party in the parking lot. I thought he gone mad. I didn't know what a tailgate party was and he didn't know that when you so to a soccergame you can't waist time in the parking lot.
Ok, my day has to get started. What I would pay for a day just at home with nothing special to do! It would be soooo nice, specially now when the cold has hit Toronto. I think it is -3 right now, Ok, bye for now!

Friday, November 07, 2008

Definitely time to update my blog. I have been facebook'ing lately and it is such an easy way to stay in touch with people that nothing else is unfortunately needed. Even so, here I am after a month and a half or so ready to update all my regular visitors.....

The biggest thing is that my oldest daughter is turning 13 on Monday. I just CAN'T believe it. Next thing, what is that??? Well Rose and I are working harder and harder at the cafe it seems like. We have had some really hectic days and it wears you right out. I can't really explain it but I do feel happy and that it is very right 5 out of 6 mornings to go and start all over again at Beaches Bake Shop. Today we had a very busy lunch and 2 swedish friends came to eat. I love that it is busy when people come of course. Talk about visitors, Inga-Lena, Ulrika and Axel are coming for New Years. They will be visiting us for 4 days, I think and that will be great! I feel I am in need of some old friend injection. It is definitely something special to sit and have dinner with friends you have known for over 20 years. We met when we were all just brand new in NYC in 1988. Wow, the stories we can tell are many and crazy for the most part.

Ok, I am going to join my family instead of sitting by the computer- it is Friday night after all!!!
Take care and let me know you were here!!!!!