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Sunday, February 17, 2008

It's time to update my blog! It has been a crazy ride these past 2 weeks. Rose and I have now owned the bake shop just over 2 weeks and I think I still like it....We had a crazy busy first week and a bit slower this past week. That was a good thing because I was going nuts! We have had one snow storm after the other on top of that. This weekend is a long weekend. The government decided to make a new holiday in Ontario, Canada. They called it Family Day! Innovative, eh! It is very unclear who should be open and who should be closed but we decided to close Beaches Bake Shop. I think it was a good decision.
I have spent today at Mt. St. Louis Moonstone. Sigrid and Pippi are in a program there and they have been going up every Sunday for 6 weeks. It is a 8 week program so 2 more to go. Todays weather was pathetic. It was raining and and all the skiers got super soaked. I stayed in the chalet and relaxed. Listened to my Stieg Larsson's audio book Flickan som lekte med elden" It is a very good book that I think is being translatet into english as I am writing this. I definitely recommend the book!
I will post some new pics this coming week so please stop by and let me know you where here!! Bye for now!


Anonymous said...

All the best to you and your partner with the Beaches Bake Shop. When I am in that part of the city I will definitely visit. I hope you will feature Swedish baking. Good luck!!! I just found your blog, and enjoyed it.

Margareta Bromander said...

Hej Anna!
Jag har varit här o hälsat på! Jättekul att kunna följa dig på det här viset!
Ha det bra!
Kram, Margareta
PS. o på tal om Stieg Larsson - jag har läst alla tre böckerna o kan bara säga - det blir bara bättre...

Anonymous said...

God Morgon Anna!
Logon ser jättebra ut! Bra att ha fonten lite större, Det är verkligen frustrerande när man inte kan läsa det finstilta....
Kan bara hålla med om Stieg Larsson it only gets better! Can´t wait for the movie.
Kram Marie

torontoanna said...

Vad skoj att ni kommer och halsar pa!
Anonymous:Thank you for the Good Luck wishes! And, yes I do feature some Swedish Baking. I am thinking of doing some open faced sandwiches as well down the road.

Margareta: Ja, jag foljer Blomkvist och Sallander med spanning. Synd att jag inte kan jobba med horlurarna pa...

Marie: Visst ar hon duktig, var van Karin! Som sagt ska vi bara fixa fonten lite sa aven vi medelalders narsynta eller langsynta kan se vad det star!