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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

What do you think about the new logo my dear friend Karin Broden has done. I love it. Just have to tell her to add the e- mail address and make the phone number in bigger font. Apparently people have a hard time reading it. We are making stickers to put on our soup containers and sandwich bags. We also have to make a menu. I should probably be doing that right now instead of writing this....
Another day at the Bake Shop has gone by and I feel very energetic about it all. Maybe because we had that long weekend..
I feel that we have to come up with some more things to make money of. Can't say I have that many ideas but I am sure I will come up with something good.
A friend of mine gave me the idea of buying fresh yeast from a bakery so today I asked at a local bakery if they by any chance would sell me some fresh yeast and they did! Now I have a big thing of fresh yeast to bake with. I am very excited!
It will be interesting to compare cinnamon rolls baked with dry yeast to cinnamon rolls baked with fresh yeast. Do I sound like a total " food nerd"?
I am enrolling students for the next session of taste- buddies right now. I am thinking of advertising that we are happy to do birthday parties as well. There could be a few different options for birthday parties. Brownie baking is always popular, I can see Baked Alaska or Banana Split being other good dishes depending on age and abilities. I have to come up with a schedule for the next session first, when that is done it's soo much easier.
I was supposed to have the last Wednesday class tomorrow afternoon but Pippi is playing a volleyball game that I don't want to miss so the kids will come next week instead. Pippi was so happy when I was able to come to her game that it's totally worth the hassle of rescheduling the cooking class. Until next time, let me know you visited and please , if you have ANY suggestions or tips let me know!!!


Kerstin said...

Hej Anna!!
Så roligt att lasa om din bake shop.
Och jag onskar er lycka till med den. Det skall bli roligt att fa folja hur det gar for er.
Jag har fatt reda pa sidan, da jag kanner din mamma.
Kram Kerstin i Stehag
ps hoppas att det gar bra att skriva pa svenska

torontoanna said...

Hej Kerstin
Visst gar det bra att skriva pa svenska. Vad skoj att du hittade hit. Synd att du inte kan komma forbi pa en bulle!

Cia said...

Planerar att komma på måndag med Y!

Vi ses då!

Anne said...

Hej, hej,

Fantastik logga! Den är så fin och ser så inbjudande ut så man nästan vill äta upp den! Karin gjorde skyltar till en mässa vi hade förra helgen. Argumenten tryckta på linnehanddukar! Hon är bäst! Åsså du förstås! Hoppas det gick bra för Pippis lag i volleybollen. Hälsa tjejerna!
Miss you much! Anne

Phred said...

Hey food nerd,
Your new logo is great. I love it.
It's great to read about your new bake shop and all of the excitement.
How did things go with the fresh yeast??