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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Saturday morning and it's not snowing! I think there is a light at the end of the tunnel called WINTER this year. We have had soooo much snow! I have shoveled out my car numerous times and I am sick and tired of it! Anyway, this morning will be interesting. Sigrid had a sleepover last night and has basketball practice at 10.30am. She will be picked up her at home around 10am. The question is -will she be home by then??? Not very exciting for anyone else but me. I am curious to see what her choice will be. Stay and hang out with her friends and feel lacy for the rest of the day or get up, go to practice and get back to friends afterwards and feel good about it? How do you teach things like that???
I have to do a bagel run to St. Lawrence Market, the best market in the world -almost at least- on Saturdays. You can get everything there! I have promised the kids to pick up veal sausages with spinach. There is a guy that comes in on Saturday who has the best sausages. I will get a few and stick them in the freezer. After that I'm going to the Bake Shop to get organized. Rose is coming in a little later and I am going home in the afternoon- FOR SURE! Just got back from a quick run and a good chat with my friend Leigh Anne so now I have to get ready and start my day!! Until next time!


Mysmasken said...

Åhh, hade ingen aning om att du har en blogg, vad roligt!

torontoanna said...

nej, jag har varit lite hemlighetsfull med bloggen. Nu har jag byggt upp sjalvfortroende och vagar beratta at den finns! Kul att du tittade forbi!