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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

OOps, how could the time fly by like this again?? Almost 3 weeks since I wrote last. I have worked lots, I have had sick kids, I have had a husband who has been absent, first Cayman Island and then Chamonix, I have shoveled and shoveled and I am sure other things have happened as well but I have been too busy to remember, I think.
Ok, this is not a complaint corner of my blog so here we go. I am sitting in The Yoddeler Chalet in Ellicotteville, NY while the rest of the family is out skiing in a bit of a snow storm, yes , another one!!!!!

I have planned the six weeks of next session of taste- buddies. We will have tons of fun while among other things making Hollandaise sauce, learning how to file' a whole salmon. I wonder how many kids have seen and touched a whole salmon?? I want to show them how to make Hollandaise sauce while talking about emulsions. Maybe my plans are too high flying, I'll let you know. We are also going to visit the cheese shop across the street and put together a cheese platter and make our own fresh cheese from yogurt. Like I have said before cooking classes are endless.

Have you visited one of my favourite food blog? Sorry, to all you English and not Swedish speaking people, this blog is written in Swedish. Ninna, the author, writes about short cuts to everyday dinners. Often really great ideas. I just heard a story about a new cookbook that is published in Sweden about leftover cooking. I love "day after" dinners. you know, when you are able to use up leftovers and make something new that taste even better than the day before.

While I am sitting here and devoting time to my blogg I am adding 2 pictures of Sigrid and Pippi skiing a few weeks ago at Mt. St Louis, Ont. The weather was beautiful and they really love skiing. Unfortunately, my digital camera is not the best for pictures like these.

How is the Bake Shop doing, you wonder? Very well thank you, we work our butts off and are loving it! Just purchased a super duper panini maker and will ramp up the options for panini's on the menu next week. What do you say about Grilled Chicken and roasted vegetables on Rosemary Foccacia bread?? Maybe a bit of rosemary mayo to go with that....Let me know what your special deluxe panini would consist of! I feel a bit guilty as I am relaxing here in Ellicotteville while the rest of the crew is slaving away back on Kingston Road in Toronto..
Anyway, come by for a panini any time!! I will be there, no more vacations for me in the near future!!!


Anonymous said...

I may just travel way out to Kingston Road and by that time I would need a panini to revive. Good luck!

Cia said...

Can't wait for tastebuddies to start. Ebba would love to do salmon from scratch!!!!!
See you wednesday!