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Monday, March 31, 2008

My mom arrived after a long trip with stop overs in Atlanta and Cincinatti. It is great to have her here!!! She takes care of everything behind the scene kind of. It is just nice to be another adult in the house. She fixes everything that is in need of a new button, table clothes that needs ironing or jeans that needs to be hemmed etc. Things like I NEVER EVER get to. Cooking classes are in full swing and believe it or not but classes are filled to the brim. I love the kids and it will be a fun session no doubts.

Last night we sat prepared in front of the television to watch StreetEats when they filmed at the Bake Shop and taste- buddies. It turned out really great. They have a short clip on their website. Unfortunately not with taste- buddies, just me talking about pressgurka
I have the video of the entire program and will try to figure out how to post it somewhere so my friends and family can see it. Suggestions please!
It is now 5.30 am and Leigh Anne will soon be knocking on my door to go for a run so sorry, but I have to go! I'll be back very shortly!


Anonymous said...

I look forward to seeing the segment. Congratulations

Kerstin said...

Hej Ana!!
Roligt att höra att Inga-Britt kom fram ordentligt.
Du får hälsa till henne, från mig.
Berätta att jag skall tillbringa helgen hos Britt-Inger, så att jag kan få gå på ÖQ och symässan. Vi kommer att sakna att hon inte är med.
Tror jag inte hon gör.:-)) Det ser ut som om hon roar sig "kunligt" hos er.:-))
Kram Kerstin

Lullun said...

Oj, nu hade jag inte varit förbi här på ett tag. Vad kul med TV-inlaget och besöket av mamma! :-)