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Monday, March 02, 2009

Just a quick post today because it is over a months since last time -again!!
Sigrid has left, she is in France for her 2 month student exchange and is having a great time- I hope!!! She did loose her camera on the slopes on the weekend but we have "taken care of that".
I can't remember the expression that goes with the picture of Jojo and her friend in Sigrid's room. Something about when away the.....I need help!!
The cafe is going, we have been busy every other day it seems like lately. It is freezing cold outside and people do not want to go outside, I guess. On Saturday I am cooking up Swedish Pea soup and Swedish Pancakes. Come on by!!! I went to IKEA yesterday and bought another s/s kitchen counter. It works really well. Everybody said, wow we look like a "real Kitchen" now.
Ok, have to go. I have to plan for a Swedish Cooking Demonstration I am doing tomorrow night. Don't know how many people yet.
I'll be back soon!

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