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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

I am back!
Why is it always 11pm when I finally sit down by the computer???
Today I have been to Costco again plus I have been cooking a bit for my catering job on Thursday night. Have a feeling Jojo will be staying home tomorrow. She is not feeling well at all. She actually fell asleep at 5pm and missed dinner, her favourite salmon and mashed potatoes. She did wake up at 8.30 and had some mash. Then back to bed....her throath is sore and maybe we have to go to the dr, tomorrow. I have lots to do of course since I am cooking food for 100 people on thursday night. Anyway, it will all work out.
The menu for thursday is sundried tomatoes and olive spirals, beef keftas, curried orzo, wild rice and lentil salad, rajita, green salad for dessert a typical swedish dessert Longonbery and cardamom parfait! I think it will be good. Have not calculatet on the whole thing yet but hopefully i'll make some money!
Talk about money, Sigrid wants to go to camp again this summer. It is soooooo expensive. two weeks and it costs around $1700. Can't decide if it is too much or not....ok, I know it is too much but do we want to send her there or not is the question??
I will get back to this matter when my energy level is higher! As alway I ave to leave and go and rest!
until next time! Don't forget to leave a comment that you read my blog!
hugs and kram!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Anna,
Did you make any money on Thursday night?

I understand you saw the "pictures" from Kent's 40th and maybe have some questions. Don't assume I'm culpable to any of the nakedness that went on because I was a bit shocked. I know in Todd's prior life there was alot of that stuff going on, and yes, George does get naked at every dinner party, but I didn't have any idea Todd was going to join in, let alone do that "elephant walk" thing. Regardless, it would have been a lot more fun with you. Jane asked me to make some vegetable sides so I made a Ratatouie and a big bowl of Rapini with crushed cured black olives and roasted garlic. I had never made either and I loved them both. My kitchen was a bit of a mess after the Ratatouie but I'm sure you've seen messier.
What do you want to do about the birthday party for Carolyn and Sheila. I was at the St. Lawrence market just now and I saw one store had loads of chocolate bars from all over the world. The place was called Scheffler's Deli and Cheeses. I bought a coule of things and it came to about $80. It's a very dangerous place. I'm very excited about the chocolate party. I hope Sheila like Chocolate too. Maybe we should send out party invitations. Maybe a special meeting should be called to strategize. Lots of love,