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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Sunday night once again! Mark is back home, in one piece I might add. There were some injuries. One broken rib, shoulder injury, one guy puked over other guests in a restaurant..not from overdrinking apparently. Enough about them.
I had an overall good week with the kids. It was PA day on Friday so it feels like we ahve been off school for a week instead of three days. Pippi has been skating most of the time. She is a born again hockey girl suddenly I have alway known that she is a hockey girl in waiting. She would love to play. We have friends that have made a skating rink in the back yard and that is where Pippi has been for three days solid pretty much.She did 200 laps the other day! I am going to look into hockey fundamentals for March brake, I think.
I talked to the church on the corner and they are willing to rent the kitchen to me. I think it could be great. I have told a few people and I am picking other friends brain that have experience in the field of cooking with little kids. I have to work out a curriculum and then decide on how long the sessions are going to be. 6 or 8 weeks? I am a little comitted to work already in February so I might have to wait a little longer to start then what I originally thought. Ok, I should start working on the curriculum for "tastebuddies".
See you next time!

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