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Friday, January 19, 2007

Ok, so what kind of blogger am I? Once a week blogger or almost once every three week blogger. Oh, well here I am anyway! It has been a quiet week. The catering event last week went very well. The food was extremly well received. It was fun to work with Lotte again too. The Swedish women has sent e-mails asking for the recipes- funny!
Mark went to Chamonix yesterday and called today from a windy Switzerland. Apparently there are hurricane strong winds and power is out in large parts of middle Europe.
My morning started with us walkning to school as ususal and the kids went into class. I noticed one mom walking back home yelling her son's name. She came back a few minutes later very frantic (totally understandable), saying she could not find her son. He had walked ahead to school but he was not there.......just writing about it now makes me appreciate knowing the kids are in their beds right now!
I went to the school office. The principal was on it with her staff. They announced the boys name while Oh, Canada was playing- that means serious stuff! He was no where to be found. There was probably 15-20 people that had gotten together and we all went back out on the street, yelling his name and looking everywhere. Cars where stopping and people said they would drive around looking for him. The neighbourhood just really showed it's best side. I asked for the exact address and started running back to their home, I came halfway down the hill and some other parents had already gotten there and luckily the boy found, he was sitting in the family van...a mix up between walking or driving to thought she saw him up the hill ahead meanwhile the little boy was waiting in the van, he waited 45 minutes! We were all so relieved that he was ok and found. I can't imagine loosing a child for real, it must be the most terrible thing that could happen to a parent. You could never stop looking!

Last night we went to an open house at the neighbourhood 7-8 school. My daughter really liked the school,it's teachers and what they had to say. Students made presentations and wow, they were good. There are 3 ways you can go to grade 7.
1. Just normal, core French- You continue having 1h (I think)of french / day
2. Exteded French- You get extra French and it is a LOTTERY to get in.
3. Alternative school, a few schools with different specialties, you apply to the one you find interesting and yes, it's a LOTTERY to get in! I told my daughter that we, or she could want whatever she wants but it is still a lottery and faith will decide. That is not right. I think the kids should be able to apply and then really know what they have to do to actually get in to the program of their choice.

Well, that is it for tonight. We are hoping for some extra snow overnight so we can go for a good tobagoning ( how the %$## do you spell that)tomorrow! Lots of people are going skiing this weekend, I am sure. Hopefully it will be more skiing in a couple of weeks.

Thanks for dropping by!

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Ginetta said...

Hi honey, what a story about that boy. there were a couple of stories about child abductions in the NYT last Sunday. What a nightmare! The big question in the NYT was, why do these children stay with their abductors. Well, why did that kid stay in the van for 45 minutes. I bet the mother hasn't gotten over it. I've lost Ethan and Luke once or twice for 45 seconds and that feels like forever.

How are the washer and dryer. It's taken me some time to get used to mine. I don't even fiddle with the dryer settings. I just put the clothes in there for 1hour and 15min every time and they are always dry. I hang all my delicates, because I got one of those things from Binz that you open up and there are lots of spots to hang your stuff. The washing machine is a bit of a mystery, because I haven't seen any soap or water whenever I use it so I don't know if I'm using too little or too much soap. I've still got my Meile soap that I'm using, with which you don't need too much. I'm smelling the laundry everytime I pull it out to check. The instructions are useless. Maybe there's something on-line to tell how much soap to use. What are you using? Don't forget not to use dryer sheets because you'll gum up the filtre and might set fire to your dryer and your house.

Thanks for that podcast recomendation. I spent a big part yesterday subscribing to a bunch of podcasts. Have you heard the Thought Coach Podcast. She's good. I love the NPR stuff too. You sent me a link to one before.

lots of love,