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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Time for some english......
we are in the middle of christmas break and we are having a good time. Jojo spent some of the day at Jillians house. The plan was sleepover but she wanted to come home. I always feel kind of "happy" when my kids wants to come home instead of sleeping over. I think the reason for that is that they, especially Sigrid, have always been so happy to go to other people's houses. Jojo is luckily much more of a homebody.
We had some friends over as well. Everybody pitched in and voila dinner on the table for lots of people without too much effort! I love that style of entertaining.
Our friends had a terrible new years. Their nephew was killed by what seemes to be a drunk driver when he was walking home from a new years eve party. It is just BRUTAL! The visitation and funeral is tomorrow and Friday. I wish I could do more to help them get through this!
Mormor went back home today and she got on the flights without delays. I would love to have her come a few times/year for 3-4 weeks maximum each time. The kids learned to like her and I think she really feels like mormor after this visit. It must be tough for her to have us all sooo far away. I just hope my kids stay close to me when they grow up- fat chance!
it is alway too late to sit here and write nonsens so ones again I have to get to bed. Are going for a walk with a very pregnant Leigh Anne tomorrow morning at 6am!

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