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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The last few weeks I have been a REAL stay- at- home- mother. It has been pretty good. It's nice to not have something to rush off to and have hanging over you. But the downside is that you don't have anything to rush off to and to hang on to......sounds weird? It is, let me tell you!
I love the fact that I have seen my oldest daughters 2 volleyball games this week, I had time to really sit dowm and help middle daughter with her monthly writing assignment without feeling like everything around me was falling into pieces. I had time to listen to my 6 year olds suggestion to start a COOKING CLUB for her and her friends. I had so much time that I got really hooked on that idea and have a call into a church that apparently has a great kitchen. Will talk to them tomorrow, hopefully. The more I think about it the better it sounds. Am I right??? As far as I know there is nothing like that in this part of the world. There is lots of gymnastic places for kids and art places but no Cooking School for kids! I definitely think I am on to something. Husband is still away so I have not bounced the idea off him yet. He just keeps sending us pictures from the french, Italian or swiss mountains and him skiing and so on......we are here in a wintery Toronto going about our regular business. I kind of like my regular business, especially now when I have something little "hanging over me" again!!! It is just fun to brainstorm, plan and hope!
We met a new little friend yesterday. A little girl, 3 days old, who has a sister, Jojo's best friend. You definitely forget how incredibly tiny they are. She was soooo cute. Welcome to the world Lauren!!

So I think in Anna's perfect world I wouldn't want to miss much of my kids life but I definitely want my own thing going somehow!!!
I do actually have 1 or 2 catering jobs coming up next month as well so I think I'll be ok!
Thanks Ginetta for stopping by my blog and leaving a nice long comment!!! When are we getting together again??

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Ginetta said...

Let's get together really soon. I'm going a bit nutty today because, because, I don't know the house is a mess, I have to grocery shop, I haven't had my morning coffee, we are going up to Collinwood tonight and I haven't thought of meals or what I need to bring, I have to clean the four toilets, I haven't had my morning coffee yet, I have to pack my things, get toothbrushes for the boys, oh, and I haven't had my morning coffee yet. I'm going out right now to Tims and then I'll go to valu mart, and then I have to get some knitting stuff, because I have to have a new project, my three baskets (rather big ones) full of wool and patterns and needles just isn't enough. I adore you and am glad you're feeling good about your time with your daughters. That cooking club sounds good and I think Luke would like it. You should just stop and think that this is my life and I love it and am very lucky to have my daughters and be there for them. I don't know very many friends whose mom's watched their school games. You rock in the Mom category for greatness. kisses, g