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Sunday, December 09, 2007

A great weekend is a balanced weekend and this weekend was just that! We have been to 2 Christmas parties, kids have had down time, we got to spend some time alone and on top of that we actually got some stuff done. Sigrid played basketball for 4 hours on Saturday and today she had one of her oldest friends over and they baked up a storm while Mark took the 2 other girls to a tree farm up north to cut down a tree. Now we have a decorated home, a Christmas tree in the corner and all the laundry is almost done. It was a scary sight this morning. I don't think the laundry mountain had reach the same altitude before...I have to post this really quick now because I have to plan for taste-buddies this week. I also have a catering job on Friday that needs some attention as well. Anyway have a great week!

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