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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Can't believe it is soooo incredible long since I wrote on my blog...Have been busy, I guess but I have had time to read other peoples blogs. Blogs I read often are mostly food blogs, some Swedish ones are my favourites.
Taste-buddies cooking classes are going on and I really enjoy doing the classes. Don't know where I am heading with them really. I am still in the place where I cooked in the spring. I cook there now as well just not as intense as in the spring. It is good because it gives me time to spend on planning for taste-buddies. I am starting a new session on Nov. 12. If you live in my area and have kids between 6-11 and they love to cook and bake- send them my way! We have lots of fun!
This weekend we went up north to a friends beautiful house. It was not on a lake which is the common way or setting for people to have "cottages"here. It was on top of a hill and the view was just incredible. The coulours at this time of the year north of Toronto are just plain stunning.
Unfortunately my camera decided to have a melt down last week so I could not take any pictures. Very annoying!!
Well it is not very late but I think I have to get ready for this upcoming week. Busy, busy but that's the way I like it so I am NOT complaining! I will definitely make an effort to post blogs more often. It is great to have and look back on.

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Melissa said...

I'd love to see a pic. of taste buddies in action. It sounds like so much fun.

I think your camera melt down is good reason to return for another beautiful weekend at your friends'.