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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Lots of snow outside and it's sunday morning! Listening to an old episode of sommar i P1. If you are swedish and live abroad you should go back in time and listen to Linda Olsson's sommar from 2006. It is soooo good! Just go to and search for Linda Olsson. I have recommended it to so many people. The last person I recomended it to was Mrs I who came in to the cafe this week. We talked for about 5 minutes but I felt an instant connection. She is older, maybe 74. In those 5 minutes she told me among other things that she never really liked Toronto.....I think immigrants are slaves under the feeling of longing for another place. Does not matter where we live, we will always long for that other place and it is a good thing- most of the time. The other night I was very happy to be right here and now. Lots of good friends gathered here at our house for a casual Holiday mingle. Just women, everyone had a good time, I think and everyone brought yummy things I should have taken pictures of but I just took a picture of something I made!

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