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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Big News on Christmas Day

It's coming to a close.... Dear Beaches Bakeshop & Cafe' friends, It is with sadness we would like to inform you that the doors of Beaches Bakeshop & Cafe' will close for good on January 30, 2014. It has been the greatest ride since we started 7 years ago! Swedish Cinnamon Buns and Quinoa Salads, who knew what that was? Semla Buns and Taste- Buddies, the list can go on and on. We could not have done this without you, our customers. Our loyal local community has been amazing as well as our Swedish community that sometimes drives for hours to get to Beaches Bakeshop. We will for sure miss you all but are also so very happy for the wonderful years we have had together!! Please come by and say Hi, the Swedish Cinnamon Buns will be there til the end as well as Quinoa Salads and Semla buns! Looking forward to see you during the month of January!! Sincerely, Anna & Rose What you read above is what I just posted on Beaches Bakeshop & Cafe's website. It feels a bit scary to say it out loud. We are closing the cafe'!I am almost a 100% convinced that it is the right decision. You can't be to confident and say that you are 100% sure it is the right thing to do but my gut feeling says it is right. That counts for a lot! The big question of course is -What do I do now? I think it will work out but until then it will be a few sleepless nights and worriesome thoughts.. On a more immediate note, It is Christmas Day after all! Christmas presents are overflowing on the floor in front of me and the girls will come running down the stairs any minute, I think. I am just wishing for a friction free and Happy atmosphere day. We have had some not so friction free days and moments lately. It is not fun!! To everyone out there, I wish you and yours the best Holiday and an even better New Year!!! Take really good care of yourself!

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Unknown said...

God jul Anna, önskar dig en lugn fin jul med din familj, all lycka med ditt stora beslut och ett 2014 som överträffar alla förväntningar!
Kram från Anne