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Sunday, December 08, 2013

Little wonders and their symbolism

Just wanted to show you these little wonders! While I was cutting these it struck me the symbolism in these shapes. For me these particular shapes stands for mamma, sweden, friends who have horses, love, homesickness during this time of the year and a few more things. I have not spent christmas in Sweden since 1988! Crazy!!! It never seems like the right thing to do for some bizzare reason. I have usually been home during the summer or I am planning to go in the spring..This year I am going already in February. I am doing TJEJVASAN. It is very exciting. I am also bringing three friends from Toronto. I will talk more about that and how it came together in a later post. HAve a wonderful 2nd of Advent. Make sure to have fun!

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Unknown said...

1988? Nej då firade vi NYC min vän :-) Kram A