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Monday, November 20, 2006

Monday early morning.
Cold outside, the thermometer is showing .7c, that is very close to freezing. Have to prepare for a fight with Pippi about not wearing shorts anymore this season. - I DON"T LIKE PANTS is her new mantra. We had the "family" here last night for Sigrid's belated birthday celebration. It was good. I made chicken chili from The Barefoot Contessa. It was ok. Not really great but ok. As a cake I made a ice cream cake. We tried to order one from Ed's but he needed 2-3 days notice..HELLO, It is November, how busy can your ice cream shop be???
Saturday night we spent with friends and went to The Balmy Beach Club. A band palyed and lots of people were there.
This week has gingerbread making sheduled. I am responsible for baking 500. Have found a few people helping me luckily enough, but I will have to do lots myself.....Tonight is Gourmet Club, I am making french onion soup. Don't really feel like starting cooking again but it's just to dive in. Will also check if there is YOGA this morning or afternoon. Next weekend is the Swedish Christmas Fair at the Harbourfront so next weekend will be spent down there.

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