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Thursday, November 16, 2006

I want to write a great blog. A blog that people actually return to and leave comments on....So here we go, I am going to give it a try. I will do my best and hopefully I'll get better with practice
This afternoon I went to watch my 11 year old play basketball with her school team. If anyone from Kroksbäcksskolan had been there they would have reconized me in her. I so totally remember when I was in grade 6 and loved to play basketball. We played every gym lesson against 9c, we where 9d. Can't remember if my class used to win or loose but I definitely remember how into it I was. Lena, Marie, Marina and the rest of you, do you remember?
This evening was one of those rarities when nobody has anything and I became restless and ran off to a YOGA class at Downward Dog. Didn't realize before I got there that the 7.30 class was a level 2 ooops. The instructor , the same guy who teaches fundamentals on Wednesday, was there. That was good because he just thought I really wanted to learn. Which I of course do.
Last Saturday we had a little dinnerparty here. It was a swedish family and Robert and Helen. The menu was: smoked salmon with horseradish on bruchetta with the drinks...then pumpkin and carrot soup that was deliscious. For main I made Butter Chicken- my favourite! We had saffron rice, dahl and rajita as well of course. The dessert was supposed to be chocolate mousse but became soup for some weird reason. Think I let it sit out for to long before serving....
I am reading cookboks like crazy right now. The Barefoot Contessa is my favourite. I have all 5 of her books. Her and I have the same tastebuds, I think.
I have to go to bed now because otherwise I'll have to eat something and that is not the right thing to do at 11pm! So, have to go! Bye for now!

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