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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Oops, over a week since I wrote last. Ginetta (one of the few that knows about this blog) even said she had checked for new posts, so here we go.
The last week has been filled with gougeres and- gravlax making and slicing. The slicing is still going on. I have 8 more gravlaxar to slice. It takes about 30 minutes / salmon. .. This weekend was spent solid at the Swedish Christmas Fair at Harbourfront. We worked SUPER HARD all weekend. On Sunday night I had to leave before it was done, I was just tooo exhausted to do anything else and was afraid I was going to lose it totally. It was better to just go home. Yesterday was a day of many cultures and new experiences. We went to Newmarket to the the eye doctor. Jojo is getting glasses as well now and Sigrid's prescription has changed so she ended up with a new frame, $$$$$...!!! The plkan was to visit a dreaded mall to get some new clothes for the girls after the eye doctor so we stopped at The Promenade Mall. Never again!! Found some stuff for Sigrid but wow it's a different world out there. We are very sheltered here in our part. That became even more apparent when we after that drove to the Air Canada Centre to see Pippi's friend's oldest brother play basket ball. We were in definite minority being white. I have never felt that before. I felt like the whole place could burst out in riats any minute. The game was great and the right team won. Everyone was happy. It was so nice to finally come home and tuck everone into their beds and relize ones again how lucky we are to be safe in our homes. Tomorrow is a new day with things to do and places to go. Mamma is coming on the 7th. It will be fun, I hope!!! I could sense a little digging towards not so good stuff the other day I talked to her but I tried to brush it off so hopefully we can kep it like that!
Have to tuck myself in now, it is late and my eyes wants to stay shut!
Until next time!

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