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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Just an average Sunday in the household. Just got back from a stint down on Queen street. Always fun to browse through some stores now and then. I am also trying to organize the gingersnap baking for the Christmas fair at Harnourfront. Somehow I got involved in that as well. It is ok. This week I have to get prepared for christmas catering season. I am starting with the gravlax. Hopefully I'll get that done this week. Next weekend is Sigrid's birthday and party. We are probably going out for dinner with her and her friends on Firday night. She wants to go to the new Il Fornello. Then we have Swedish school on Saturday morning and a brithday party in the afternoon. Can't decide if I am going to follow through with ny thing that I don't give out lootbags after age 10. Have to disuss it with Sigrid. It is soooo overrated. Just after Halloween on top of everything.
Ok, I am going over to the school yard, apparently the kids and Mark are there playing soccer.

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