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Saturday, November 04, 2006

This is fun. I like having a blog. I have not told many people because I am not sure I want everyone to know about it. I told Ginetta and Pia, that's it. It would be fun to get a comment though. So, if you are stopping by please let me know!
Today is a typical Saturday. 2 kids at sleepover from last night and 1 is having a birthday party to go to this afternoon. It is at an indoor volleyball place. Same place as my daughter is celebrating her birthday next week. i might meet up with Lotte to make lots of gravlax for SWEA's christmas fair at The Harbourfront here in Toronto. It is the 25th anniversary this year. They have lucia celebration there as well. Have to run now and get the kids from the sleepover and then birthday present shopping at Mastermind.
Talk later.

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gg peters said...

Your morning sounds a lot more blissful than mine. I loved last night. Can't wait to see you again. I'm good for Friday. Should we see if we can get the children tucked away for lunch and make a day of it? We could start with a 9:30 Bikram.