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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

School is out and summer is here in full force! Wow, today was hotter that ever. I started the day early this morning with a quick conversation with mamma on Skype then continued with boot camp on the beach at 5.30am, went home prepared the kids for the last school day of the year and went to the grocery store. Shopped in a rush while talking to Lotte on the phone. Came to Happaranda Kitchen and started making quiches, potato salad, see picture. Lunches was supposed to slow down considerably now when the students doesn't come anymore but I have been pretty busy this week actually.
Big news is that I have decided not to continue Happaranda Kitchen in the same format as I have done this spring. Lots of different reasons but the biggest one is that I can't see myself committing more time and stress than I have done and that is not enough in order to stay in Beaches Bake Shop. My hope is to continue taste-buddies in some form or another. I am still working on that...I know that taste-buddies is something I really want to keep going.
Sigrid is going away for 2!!! weeks on Friday and I will miss her! It fees weird that I have to work and won't be able to take her up to camp. I am sure it's good for her and Mark to bond a bit but my ego is selfish and wants to be everywhere and not miss anything!
Have retire to bed right now! Way tooo late once again.

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