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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Ok, I am back!

Summer is here in full force and I have no clue what I will do in the fall. Very frustrating!! I know what I WANT to do but sometimes the two do not go hand in hand unfortunately. Hopefully I will know by the end of this week what the future regarding my working life will hold for me.
Yesterday was spent in a little town north of Toronto, Orangeville. Big Lacrosse play day and daughter one and two participated. It was a beautiful day and the girls had fun. I managed to find a farmers market and bought lots of goodies. I also found a kitchen store where I bought a new knife. I read about this amazing knife on Anne's Food, a great blog by a swedish girl who writes in english. Anyway, the knife is called a pastry knife. Anne talked about the make, Victorinox but the one I bought is made by Wusthof. You can use it for everything, slicing tomatoes, bread, a roast and many more things. I love it and feel that I have worked hard enough these past 3 months so I could definitely justify a little purchase like that!
It is early on Sunday morning..the coming week is BUSY! Graduations, school ending and one daughter going off to camp!! At times like these I realize the difference between working from home and not working from home. There is a lot of planning that has to take place for everything to function somewhat normal. Don't quite know how Happaranda Kitchen is going to serve it's loyal customers tomorrow, I will go in and prepare a few salads and make up some sandwiches but there will be no Panini's or custom made salads. Sorry for the inconvenience!!
Ok, it is almost time to listen to today's sommarpratare on swedish radio! That's summer for me!!! Have to go and relax a bit before this Sunday starts..take care until next time

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Silvana said...

Hey Anna, thanks for visiting my blog and writing to me....I'm a bit or A Lot nervous still about this whole blog thing...don't have ANY idea what I'm doing! But it's FUN!
I'm going to browse yours!