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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Ok, now it's three weeks since last time......I guess time flies when you are having fun. I am having fun, almost always...When I am not having fun is when my house is a total mess and the rest of the family decides to ignore the fact that EVERYONE has to pitch in to help! I wonder if other people have the same "problem"?
I have cooked at Happaranda Kitchen for 10 weeks now and I have done as many cooking classes. The cooking classes are a blast still. I really hope to do more in the fall.
I have a little summer course July 3-5 between 2.30 and 4pm. Hopefully I'll get kids signed up for that. Sigrid is playing semifinal in Baseball today and tomorrow it's second meet of track and field. Don't know how I will be able to swing it all but I guess it will all work out.
Then Jojo's birthday party is on Saturday after the Triathlon and on Sunday I am SLEEPING!
Pippi is having her party on the 14th at Laser Quest! Yippie, can't wait to go there. Actually before Pippi's party I have two fairly big caterings.
On July 17th we will go to Paris and then from there to Malmo and Stockholm. I can't wait! We won't be back in Toronto until late August.
I am looking forward to meet friends in Sweden that I haven't seen for a long time. Will try not to book us to crazy but that's hard when you want to see everyone.
Then the fall will come and I will hopefully find myself back at Happaranda Kitchen. We are not quite there yet but hopefully it will be that way.
It's early morning and I have lots to do so have to go!
Let me know you visited!

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malin2 said...

Lycka till med ditt triathlon!!!