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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Not tooo long ago this time!
Worked like normal today, not very busy. Went shopping after service and then home to the kids and Frida. The weather is crazy, one minute really warm the next it's pouring rain. Hopefully it's nice tomorrow morning at 5.30 am. Have I mentioned bootcamp?? Three mornings I do bootcamp on the beach. It's great fun. Not to crazy hard but if you want to you can really push yourself and get exhausted. It is kind of hard to do at that hour but at least I have exercised a little bit that day. New taste-buddie session is in full swing. Monday calss went off to a great start. I love it! We made Uppsala Berry Cake and mini wraps. A few new kids came and they seemed to enjoy it. I definitely enjoyed having them. I will take more pictures during class. tomorrow i have another class and new kids, I have never met. Very exciting.
On thursday we are putting on Victoria Day High tea. Sandwiches and little desserts, Have to get tobed in order to get up tomorrow, bye bye!

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