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Friday, January 03, 2014

Happy New Year, People! It's 2014! Crazzyyy! We had a very quiet New years eve! The family wasn't even all together! Not for any other reason that when you have a teen ager who REALLY wants to be with friends in the city and you have 2 other girls that are ski racing and needs to train- you split up and make them happy! Today was one of those wonderful days when I got lots done. Well, not that much but enough exercise, a nice visit with friends, dinner with 2 out of 3 daughters and felt pretty good about M. Here are some pictures from this marvellous day! Snowshoeing is almost as fulfilling as cross-country skiing. Check out these winter wonderland pictures! It was cold, -20*C or something! Now I am back in Toronto again and only few more days of vacation. Realized that I have not taken enough pictures this holiday! New Years resolution? I don't know? Laugh more, Anne said! Sounds like a good one! I'll go with that! Bye for now.

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