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Monday, January 06, 2014

Moving to the suburb!

No, probably not! But this weekend I went for a visit and ended up checking out the most amazing grocery store. I walked in and there was a bread isle you would not believe, the fresh pasta section was endless, the COLD CUTS was nuts, they even had casing for making your own sausage. Right beside the casings was a huge overfilled fridge with whole ham legs. Like a raw prosciutto, you know! Does people take dry their own, I wonder?? THe store was even laid out in a way that did not annoy me! I am easily annoyed in grocery stores, just saying'! Back in 1997 when my second daughter was born and I had to bring a toddler (my oldest daughter) with me to buy groceries and diapers I realized that they had strategically placed diapers opposite the candy! I found the manager and complained! Anyway, the store in the suburb, this weekend was not like that! They wanted their customers to make good choices! They made it easier for the consumer to eat well! That is how it should be! The extra fluff, like clothes, home stuff and flowers was at the other end of the store and really easy to avoid. In my local grocery store I have to go through all the fluffy stuff to come to the heart of the store that has what I came for! I hope you know the #1 rule to grocery shopping!! NEVER BRING YOUR CART DOWN THE AISLE!! You will buy so mach more junk! If you just walk down the aisle you will only buy as much as you can carry! Please leave me your grocery store tips! Had to rant a bit! Have an amazing Day! Will also include some pictures from the store. Plus one of the best tasting chickens I have ever made! Lots of figs, garlic, cinnamon, celery, some cinnamon and cumin plus salt and pepper of course! A bit of red onion and some water! In the oven at 325*F for app 90 min or until thermometer shows 80*F! YUMMY!

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