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Friday, January 20, 2012

Friday evening and suddenly I am in Collingwood. We drove up today because daughter 2 and 3 have races in the morning. They are both racing at the club where daughter number 1 had her ski accident last season. Don't feel really comfortable with the whole thing! It is chilly out there but it is nice to be up here again. I worked really hard to get everything ready for the shop since I am not there tomorrow. Quiches, salads and cakes. Lots of special orders. Did I mention dish crawl? We were part of that this past Wednesday and it was a blast. 20 people divided into 2 groups visits 4 places in the course of 2 hours. We served soups , salad and sweets. We got tons of compliments both during the evening but also on twitter during and after. Lots of fun!! A great thing to do all around. Both for attracting new customers and also for us as business owners to get together and work towards a common thing. I'll try to post the link to the pics later. Now I have to go goodnight !!

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