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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tuesday evening and two days since we got back from one of the best vacations I have ever had. We went to Costa Rica and stayed at an All Inclusive Resort, RIU Cunacaste. If you had told me a year ago that we would do that I would have said No way. It was sooo great! Relaxing and good in every way. Super hot every day and the food was totally acceptable. Lots of fruit. Papaya, Mango, Pineapple, Bananas plus so much more and super fresh. The girls had a great time as well. We went with another family with kids the same ages.
What about my cafe' you are thinking...Our staff took good care of everything. I had prepped as much as possible of course but they really did an awesome job! Thanks guys if you read this!
The picture is taken right before we started the mandatory zip lining. It was fun. Not super scary but a bit weird to send your 9 year old daughter away flying upside down high up in the air!
Beaches Bakeshop & Cafe' is continuing selling semlabuns a couple of more weeks. We will add Hot Cross buns this weekend and have them until Easter as well. The recipe for the carrot cake I made a few weeks ago will be posted- I promise, Anne!!
Ok, have to print some recipe booklet for a cooking class!! No Rest! We are also starting to renovate!!! I will get a new kitchen!!! Long way till it's done but very exciting!! I'll keep you up to date on that progress as well!


malin2 said...

I just loved Costa Rica!!!
We went last year for a 10 day roadtrip.

SDahlberg said...

Hej Anna.
Jag heter Staffan Dahlberg och är restauranglärare på Stockholms Internationella Restaurangskola och jag undrar ifall det finns ett intresse av att ha en eller två elever som praktikanter hos er i din restaurang/café.
Eleverna går i årskurs 3, så dom är duktiga och motiverade, sociala.

Du kan kolla in vår skolblogg på

Hör av dig så kanske vi kan dra igång ett samarbete, man vet aldrig vart det kan leda till.
Jag var själv i Toronto i somras och det är en underbar stad och har planer på att flytta dit också.

Staffan Dahlberg
Stockholms Internationella Restaurangskolan.

27 Hambly said...

Time for a new post.

Anonymous said...

Hej Anna, varför bloggar du inte mer :(