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Thursday, March 04, 2010

Really time for an update. Can't believe it's 2 months since the last one...
Olympics 2010 in Vancouver, BC was a big hit and Canada got more medal, golds in particular, than anyone ever before. Congrats to Canada.
Beaches Bakeshop & Cafe' is chugging along with really busy days and some not super busy. I am now making a really good carrot cake. Never thought I'd make that but I kind of like it. Lots of carrots, crushed pineapple and pecans. I am not a big fan of walnuts. I might omit the nuts completely actually. The article I have posted here is from a magazine called Local. It is what the name says a local magazine. Very well written articles and we have had lots of customers commenting on it. A new cafe opened down the street this week. I have not been in yet but I am telling myself that competition is great. The more the merrier and so on...Welcome new neighbours!!
Well, this was just a short update this morning- have to get ready and take on today. It's going to be a great one!!
Let me know you were here!

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Anonymous said...

Hej vännen, morotskakan låter super. Vill du dela med dig av receptet? Hälsningar från vinterlandet och Anne