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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

But get real, how can it possibly be almost 3 months since I wrote on my blog??? It is very close to Christmas and this fall has just swept by really fast. two new schools this year and so far so good. Both girls seem to enjoy where they are so no complaints in that department. Jojo is doing gymnastic 6h/ week and is enjoying that.
The cafe' is doing well. We are busy and that's what we want obviously. Don't know how to go forward and in which direction we should go but I am sure it will somehow work out. We had a big catering this past weekend. It went really well and it was for a friend in our neighbourhood so I was kind of nervous prior to the party. Everyone liked what we served and it went great so afterwards it felt awesome. Will be fun to see if more business will transpire from that. I think I want to get into catering again. I would not work the parties myself but I love the planning of menus and interacting with clients. What we really need is a website. Hello out there- Who wants to help us with a website??? We don't need a big elaborate website, just one with really good layout and all the right info about what we are.
Taste-Buddies cooking classes are still going strong. I have a class with 6 5-6 year old boys right now- note to self: Don't do that again!! It has been fun but CRAZY!! Tomorrow is the last class of this session and we are making checkerboard cookies and maybe jam caves.
I am still running and I did finish the Scotia Bank Marathon in September, 4.20 was my time and I felt great.
Speak about running, have to stop blogging and go to bed- up and out for a run at 6am tomorrow!!
Will definitely try to post more often! That's it for now!

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